wow item restoration get back Deleted, DE Items

wow item restoration

wow item restoration

hello folks welcome back to another wise gonna be discussing the world of warcraft we're actually going to be diving deep into and looking at is item restoration that's right Blizzard does give us a second chance to get an important item or a piece of gear back in the game now these same steps works for both classic Wow and retail Wow at this moment which is battle faz if i know there is nothing that's more then Obama and World of Warcraft and working for weeks and weeks to get a particular weapon or something very important that's dear to your heart in this game and to find out that it's either been destroyed deleted whatnot or disenchanted which is delayed in the a game that's a very very sad situation especially when you put a lot of time into that item so the first thing you want to do of course is check your inventory if you see that it's not in your inventory and the next thing you want to check is your character pain to make sure that it is equipped on him or it's not next to the next thing I recommend is if you did do a sell to a vendor it does give you some time it's not a very a long period of time I don't know exactly how long it is I would say maybe about a day or so so if we actually click on I want to browse your goods on this vendor as long as it's a vendor for your faction they're gonna have the buyback tab at the very bottom we're gonna click on that but there is a lot of items in the game and usually the real important items you can't sell to a vendor the the game does that as a precaution so you won't sell something by accident especially like a quest item but it is always good to check here now mines blank because I haven't sold anything to a vendor within like a day or so so now we checked the vendors we checked our bags we checked that inventory and you also want to check your bank because you could also store most of these items in your bank so once we see that that item is no longer in any of those areas that's the next steps we're going to show you how in today's video let's get started with the world of warcraft item restoration alright now once we exhausted all other options we checked all of our inventory and that item is still not showing up for us and especially when it comes to quest items you definitely want to check your bags really thoroughly to make sure that that items not in there I'll open up the quest log and see if an item actually populates that way so once we found out that this item is still missing the next steps we're gonna want to do is go down and hit the Escape key or click on the the main menu that looks like a PC icon down in the Baz we're gonna open that up and in the main menu, we're gonna click on help once we open up this page just give it a few seconds for this to load we're now going to click on I would rather categorize this issue let's click on that hyperlink and then in here you're gonna see in-game issues just click on that and this list right here to the top right we're gonna see items and mail you're gonna click on items and mail scroll down the list of bed and hit item restoration now I tried this a few times today before making the video and for some strange reason this is not working for me I even tried it and battle faster out on my tunes there and still the same results I was clicking on it and nothing was happening now when I tried this about a week ago it was working for me so simply if this is working for you just click on this and it should open up an external page now that's going to take you to the World of Warcraft page where you could do the item restore if that option in the game is not working for you like it didn't work for myself this is the other option that we can use to get to that page so just simply open up your favorite browser and type in something like wow item restoration restore whatever as long as it's related to wow it should take you to these links at the very top here we're going to see item restoration please and entertain we're gonna click on that I will also provide the link to this website in the description panel of today's video so once you're in here this is gonna give us a rundown of exactly how this is all going to work so I advise reading this so you understand it and now this is available only once every 15 days so you want to make sure that you don't do this on a daily base where you accidentally the leading things disenchant and things so on and so forth because you're gonna have to wait ..


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